School Head - Brainfield School


The quality of Brainfield School’s education is driven by its Senior Academic Team. Meet these key staff members here.

Meet our teachers

Academic Coordinator

Ms. Mehreen Farooq

Being English language head she is responsible for the linguistics Faculty, including English, Drama, Music, Art and Media. Prior to this, Mehreen has worked as a classroom teacher and subject lead, both in primary and secondary schools.


Ms. Maliha Habib​

Ms.Maliha comes from a fine EYFS education background and is an pre-school educator. She is responsible for the early education development including their health and well-being of new students.

Science Education

Mr. Rayan Khan

Mr.Rayan is responsible for Science and Emerging Tech curriculum development. Being a dark sky ambassador and president of society for space technology in Pakistan, he taught at open space technology schools and innovative platforms for good 8 years.

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Open events are hosted by Brainfield expert staff and teachers. Through the course of the event, we discuss the curriculum, demonstrate how live lessons work and explore the learning platform.

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