Admission Assessments

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


PRE-SEEDS (Pre-Nursery) ,

SEEDS (Nursery) ,

SPROUTS (Kindergarten)

  1. Written Assessment:
    • Basic skills evaluation through picture-based questions focusing on shape, color, letter, and number recognition.
  2. Oral Assessment:
    • Simple questions to assess verbal responses, communication skills, and ability to follow instructions.
    • Observations of social interactions and basic communication during play-based activities.


Primary School (Grades 1-4)


  1. Written Assessment:
    • English: Basic reading comprehension, sentence formation, and grammar.
    • Math: Fundamental arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), understanding of basic geometric shapes.
    • Science: Basic concepts related to natural sciences (plants, animals, weather).
    • Urdu: Reading simple passages, basic writing skills, and comprehension.
  2. Oral Assessment:
    • English: Simple storytelling or reading aloud to evaluate fluency, pronunciation, and comprehension.
    • Math: Oral questions on basic math problems to assess mental math skills and understanding of concepts.
    • Science: Questions about everyday scientific phenomena to gauge curiosity and basic understanding.
    • Urdu: Reading short passages aloud, answering questions to evaluate verbal fluency and comprehension.


Secondary Level (Grades 5-8)


  1. Written Assessment:
    • English: Reading comprehension, essay writing, grammar, and vocabulary.
    • Math: Problem-solving involving fractions, decimals, basic algebra, and geometry.
    • Science: Concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics appropriate to the grade level.
    • Urdu: Reading comprehension, essay writing, and grammar.
  2. Oral Assessment:
    • English: Discussing a short story or passage to evaluate comprehension and critical thinking.
    • Math: Solving problems orally to demonstrate understanding of concepts.
    • Science: Explaining basic scientific concepts or experiments to assess verbal articulation and understanding.
    • Urdu: Discussing a topic or reading a passage to evaluate fluency, comprehension, and verbal expression.


This framework ensures a comprehensive evaluation of both cognitive and communication skills across core subjects, providing a thorough assessment of each student’s readiness for their respective grade level.

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