Assessments and Targets - Brainfield School


At the beginning of the school year, attainment targets are set for all students in reading, writing, and maths. These targets are shared with parents at parents evening.

Teachers assess children against the statutory requirements of the Brainfield Curriculum in all subjects. Attainment in reading, writing, and maths is measured against age-related expectations set out in the statutory requirements of the Brainfield Curriculum. Where the curriculum expectations span 2 years, teachers use KPI’s based on these statements to make an assessment of whether a student is on track to meet the expected standard by the end of the key stage. Teachers assess during and after every lesson. This short-term formative assessment informs future planning and ensures that the assessment is being used to enhance learning. Self and peer assessment are also used and children are involved in the process of assessment.

In all other subjects, students will be regularly assessed against key skills and knowledge linked to the age-related expectations set out by the Brainfield Curriculum. Subject teachers evaluate the standards in their subject, along with looking at areas of strength and weakness and they review and implement subject development priorities. Each child’s progress is reported annually.

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