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Brainfield Urdu language curriculum will appeal to students of Pakistan or who have Urdu as their mother tongue.

Brainfield curriculum for  First Language Urdu aims to :

  1. improve students’ cognitive abilities. Urdu trains students brain and keeps it strong and healthy. The introduction of new grammatical rules, new vocabulary, new sentence structures and forming new words are fun exercises for the brain.
  2. improve students Urdu reading and writing skills.
  3. introduce Pakistan rich histories- learning Urdu will open the doors to fascinating, mystical and intriguing cultures – from its age-old practices, traditions, values and norms. 
  4. let students enjoy and appreciate the variety of language
  5. make students able to read classic children literature . Students can read online stories and learn Urdu via performance and mesmerizing storytelling,
  6. make students perform and contribute in Brainfield Urdu podcast station.


Brainfield school has aim to produce community of enthusiastic Urdu language and readers and writers with strong cultural and regional literature understanding, who enjoy showcasing their developing writing and reading knowledge and skill in an innovative fashion. They become confident to take risks in their writing and reading Urdu literature and love to discuss and share their ideas.

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