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Students' Societies

To make students a well rounded and a productive individual of the society, Brainfield school offers students’ online societies as a part of its 21st-century skills training program. Each society is headed by teachers. Students with the help of teachers can plan and implement the activities so develop their diverse social skills, which the key element for Gen Z students.

Because our students and teachers have insatiable interest in so many different things, we offer different societies and clubs. Clubs are offered before and after school, as well as scheduled club time during the school day.


Club NameClub/Society Activities
Science & Robotics SocietyRobotic competition, Innovation challenge, Tech competition, Maths League, Science Olympiad,
Arts & Design SocietyPhotography, drawing/painting, theater, food activities, graphic design, animation, doodling, editing.
Literary SocietyBlogging, Photoblogging, books publication reviews on kids movies, poetry, storytelling, debate, quiz competition, spelling bee.
Edhi Society“Do something’, Kids for the runway, Akhira Bank, environment move, habitat for animals,
Digital Media SocietySchool magazine/journal, School Podcast station, Students’ youtube channel, Work on a pocket movie,
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