Science Education - Brainfield School

Curriculum Statement

The purpose of adopting this science education curriculum at Brainfield is to design a foundation document for the promotion of school science education among our students, that is in line with the required standards of education in the 21st century as well as to introduce international programs like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) at each level of Brainfield school system.


• Encourage students to develop a critical sense of wonder and curiosity about scientific and technological endeavours through inquiry;

• Enable students to use science and technology to acquire new knowledge and to create opportunities to solve problems, so that they may improve the quality of their own lives and lives of others;

• Prepare students to critically address social, economic, ethical, and environmental issues related to science and technology;

• Develop in students, of varying aptitudes and interests, the knowledge of a wide variety of careers related to science, technology, and the environment.


Science is not seen as merely objective and value free, but is recognized as an integral part of daily life and human experience and is therefore relevant to everyone. Advancements in science and technology are playing an increasingly significant role in everyday life. Therefore, science education will be a key enabler in developing scientific literacy and building a strong future for Brainfield students by;

• Addressing the fundamental social, cultural and economic needs of students that affect their lifestyle.

• Providing the confidence to address highly competitive and rapid technological innovation.

• Sensitizing them with a growing knowledge which has a profound impact on people’s lives.

• Providing them with an understanding of global interdependence and their role in contributing towards building a sustainable future.

Science, technology and society are responsive to each other. While science may act as a catalyst for change, it is also influenced by technological advances and social and economic pressures. The application of science affects our environment and our lives.

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