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Curriculum Statement

This Curriculum for General Knowledge aims to provide our students with real life quality learning experiences which is based on inquiry and hands-on activities. It is comprised of concepts from General Science and Social Studies and Ethics:

Knowledge of science is drawn primarily from the domains of life sciences, physical sciences, earth and space sciences;

Knowledge of social studies is drawn primarily from the social sciences strands of history, geography, government, citizenship, economics, culture; and ethical values which are essence of Islam and common in all the religions.

Curriculum Goals

This Curriculum is designed for the young students to develop basic knowledge, skills, values, interests, and attitudes that will lead them to productively learn and understand the aforesaid areas of knowledge more deeply in later grades. The main goal is to produce young critical thinkers, capable of understanding and evaluating information, developing knowledge, skills, values, positive attitudes, healthy habits, civic sense and making informed decisions.

This Curriculum has been developed with the following emphasis:

Broadening the learning space (out of the classroom learning).

Strengthening the interface with pre-primary and secondary school curricula.

Developing understanding of ethical values.

• Integrating students’ learning experiences with emphasis on patriotism and sustainable development.

Promoting life-long learning and enhancing 21st century skills.

Developing students’ independent learning.

Enhancing interest and appreciation in society and curiosity in science & technology.

Putting emphasis on students’ holistic development and providing them real life quality experience, based on inquiry and hands-on activities/experiences.

Developing the understanding about human diversity.

Further Information

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